Just to mention, I have been through the "Template Editor" section of the documentation. Unfortunately, it didn't help me with understanding the control flow or how to put PHP pieces in between.
Deepa Gupta

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 1:06 PM, Deepa Gupta <deepagupta.jiitu@gmail.com> wrote:

I wish to include header and footer on my survey pages. The header contains a menu and the footer contains some links. These involve PHP coding. However, I see that the template files in limesurvey are only having html code in the pstpl files (along CSS and JS) and these files are put together, to produce the final webpage, by echo-ing them in other files. For eg: I see index.php in the root directory echo-ing startpage.pstpl and endpage file after checking some conditions in PHP. However, I wish to include my PHP code without altering the core code (i.e. w/o modifying the index.php). Can someone please suggest me on how to develop my own theme with PHP code by altering only the theme files?

Also, when I try to access the template and styles page in the documentation, the page displays in the german language. If I try to translate it by selecting "English" in the drop-down, it takes me to the home page. I don't know how to know the workflow of the template development. I'll be highly grateful for any guidelines.

Thanks a lot in advance
Deepa Gupta