Try setting the number of parameters / post body size.
I think PHP Suhosin limits these.

Good luck.

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 4:47 PM, Andrea Suisani <> wrote:
Hi all,

we're experiencing a strange problem with a quite lengthy survey.

the survey use to work on our production server, but if exported and imported
into our test server something strange happens.

After we submit the second page instead on moving to the third we
are redirected to the first (presentation) page.

On both servers, production and test, we're using limesurvey version 2.05+ build 140618.

Trying to understand the cause behind the problem I've tried different kind of configurations
on our test server, that's what I've tried so far

- apache + mod_php
- nginx as proxy server + apache + mod_php
- nginx + php-fpm

needless to say I've looked for, after having set debug 1 and debugsql to 2,
any suspicious messages in the various log files but I didn't find anything

Even in the browser console log there's nothing relevant.

I have to say that I'm running out of ideas.

If needed I can provide the survey structure file off list.



p.s. sorry in advance if it's not the right place to ask.

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