Good job so far guys, looks great.


2011/5/23 Diogo Gonçalves <>

This is the first "Porting LimeSurvey to CodeIgniter" report.
Although official GSoC Coding period starts today, me and Shubham
started coding some weeks ago.

Before coding, we started a wiki page, identified the tasks of the
project and wrote the timeline.

We started the coding period porting the LimeSurvey classes which
didn't have similar functionality in CodeIgniter core libraries (we
discarded adodb, inputfiler and phpmailer). phpCAS wasn't ported
because it requires some functionality that CI disables by default.

Shubham created models for each database table with basic select
functionality. During the port we will add more functions to them.

During the last days we've ported most of the common functions as an helper.

Starting today, I'm going to work on the super controllers
and then I'll start the back-end controllers.

This week, Shubham's work will be limited since he has university exams.
He will restart his work when he finishes them.

You can read more about the port and track our progress at:

Thank you,
Diogo Gonçalves (dionet)

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