Hi, I'm Patricia Araya Obando from Costa Rica,
I work at Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (an university) as a server administrator
and as a developer for the .LRN platafform (Openacs, Aolserver).

I have been using LimeSurvey for about 9 months
for evaluation proceses at the institution
and I'm in charge of giving the training to users as well as the support.

I have been using it under GNU/Linux, postgresql 8.x, php 5.2, apache2.

With the bug I reported I could notice that you don't have much testing
under PostgreSQL DBMS, because activate a survey is kind of critical!!

So, I'm interested, if you consider it appropiate, in give that support and testing.
As I mentioned before, I use it at work, so it's something I do every day!!

I have created a sourceforge account : paraya in order
to be able to contribute with you, if that's OK with you!

Thank you very much for providing such a great tool!!

Best Regards.

Patricia Araya Obando