I wish to contribute with some improvements in the date questions of the project.

I´ll start with the version 1.47b files, which I downloaded and I´m currently using in my work.

I´ll try to do the following:
- Give to the Date Question a Regex field to check if the date is valid. Actually you can write invalid dates such: 2007-02-30, 2007-30-02.

- Use date question in the "condition designer" window to let the survey can stablish chronological verifications. Think about this example:
 When you download the last version of the software: 2007-02-28
 When you discover the bug in the last version downloaded: 2006-01-06. ERROR!
And also could enable it to use a date to add a specified amount of days to avoid showing a question until this future date. Example:
 - When you used the software last time: 2007-02-28
 Let us check the error and go back after 7 days.
(when the user enters again, if this date is not reached, >=2007-03-7, the following question could not be showed)

As I´m working in a project where the chronology of the dates are very important, I think that if I need this, it will be usefull for others in a near future.

I ask you if you can tell me where can I start to find where the date answers are processed just to do the work ASAP...

Or if somebody is working on it or worked, just let me know how I can use this improved version.

Thanks in advance!

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