Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Carsten.

There is one user right related issue I often need to explain to our users: Why can't we set rights like "view statistics" or "export responses" or any other right currently only available on survey level as a global right when creating a new Limesurvey admin user?

The survey based rights are far more detailed and quite often you want someone to be allowed to only view results but for all surveys on a certain installation. Currently one needs to assign such rights for every single survey.

Are others having similar problems?

Can we either solve this by moving such rights to the global level or having a different "survey permissions" screen which allows to not only set such rights for a single survey but for a list of surveys?
For the later all we need is a list of surveys with a checkbox for each which can be shown above the screen to set specific rights.


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Am 04.03.2014 13:35, schrieb Carsten Schmitz:

Marcel answered most of your questions, already
3) I'd like to implement a sort of department admin and survey administrators under a department admin. Survey administrators can only manage their own surveys. Surveys created by survey administrators are automatically tied to their department. The department admin can only manage surveys created under their department. I imagine this will be an addition of a department model, changes to the survey model and the admin user model. Is there a mechanism for such right now? Or do I have to write it myself for now?
From my point of view this sounds like an additional level that has to be added to the general Limesurvey right module. Since that affects nearly every feature because the rights details have to be adjusted and to my knowledge there is no existing mechanism for this, I wouldn't want to touch this.

I think 'user roles' would be an important addition to the user model in LimeSurvey - so if you want to go the full way then re-designing user groups as user roles would be a good thinkable way which could be part of the future core application.

On the other hand if you want to have 'just' a quick solution then implementing your own permission concept using a plugin would also do.

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