Hello Holger,

Am 06.06.2012 17:51, schrieb Holger Rothemund:

I made a file with both versions of the translation next to each other which revealed a few points that should be clarified:
Yes, might be the case. As I wrote in my previous mail if you have the according permissions you can easily sync these.
I am not sure how that question is meant? The original string changed and it needs to be re-translated.
If possible these should be carefully unified in the source. In general full sentences with correct punctuation are preferred.
I think we need to optimize those things, because I don't think it is necessary to use both versions. We just need to decide for one. However, I don't know the impact of this in the code itself. But better solve it now than later.

As I already wrote: Main focus is currently on LimeSurvey 1.92 translation. Any changes to the source strings should be done in 2.0 only because we don't want to invalidate existing translations in 1.92 (unless there is a very good reason for that).

Best regards from Hamburg/Germany

Carsten Schmitz

LimeSurvey Project Leader