Hi Stefan,

this feature isn't implemented yet and it would be a nice improvement. Please test your implementation at all major browsers when you are done. Also create a ticket at our bugtracker and attach your patch file (based on Limesurvey 2.0 source code) there, so our developers can review it.

1a) That ordering feature already exists at Limesurvey 2.0
1b) Nice idea
1c) That would be a nice feature but hasn't been requested a lot by our users. It would also require some DB update to add new tables.

2a) Images can be added to all questions using the integrated editor.
2b) A footer can be added by adjusting the template.
2c) Feel free to extend our "How to create a good survey" tutorial: http://docs.limesurvey.org/How+to+design+a+good+survey+%28guide%29

3) The custom report feature should probably deal with re-organizing the code that is currently used for admin and public statistics (http://docs.limesurvey.org/Statistics). That code (see statistics.php, statistics_user.php and statistic_functions.php) is a mess, not very generic and hard to maintain.
Besides the re-coding, adding more flexibility would be an issue.
Let me copy-paste what I told another GSoC student:
[11:49]    Mazi|away: for the report generation: at /docs/demosurveys there is a sample survey with all question typed. import it, fill it out 5-6 times to create some results and then check admin -> browse response -> statistis
[11:49]    Mazi|away: then have a look at statistic_functions.php and /admin/statistics.php.
[11:50]    Mazi|away: also have a look at manual -> statistics -> public statistics and the related statistics_user.php file
[11:50]    Mazi|away: (file names refer to limesurvey version 1.9x)
[11:50]    Mazi|away: see how it is implemented: all is very nasty with lots of code for each question type and the like
[11:51]    Mazi|away: please install version 2.0 because that will be the code you will be working with at GSoC 2012

Best regards,
Marcel Minke
(Limesurvey Head of Support)

Am 16.03.2012 02:58, schrieb Stefan Neculai:

I'm Stefan and I'm a student at Polithenica University of Bucharest in the 3rd year of study. I am interested in applying for GSoC, so I have decided to get familiar with Limesurvey code by implementing an idea: http://ideas.limesurvey.org/ideatorrent/idea/97/. I have installed Limesurvey and it seems that this feature isn't implemented so far. Am I right?

Also below, there are described some of the ideas that I would like to implement during GSoC if my application proposal would be selected. Most of them are for improving the actual user interface and also add in extra functionality. Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

1) I think it would be nice to add in some cool JS features like:
- Changing the order of the questions in a survey only by dragging the questions one between each other
- Being able to see the question list and have a quick preview when you go over it
- Let other to take a look over the survey and make notices for questions

2) Also, I would like to add in new questions types (specially ones with images) and let the survey administrator to create a custom footer for the survey pages. Also, I think it would be nice to let the survey creator to know some tips. For example, I know that is recommended to use personal questions in surveys at the end of it (that could be done based on some specific keywords and let the creator know specific tips based on his questions).

3) The last but not the least, I am interested in creating that custom report feature. My few suggestions for it would be: letting the survey administrator to define some initial targets/goals and be noticed when they are reached/not reached. More than exporting the results to different formats I think it would be a need to export them on different online document managers (google docs, dropbox, etc..) and let him share the results (Facebook, Twitter, Embeded links)

Stefan Neculai
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