Hi Amit,

great documentation. There are two issues I'd like to discuss:

1. To exit the uploader there is a "save and exit" button. BUT: We also have a "exit and clear survey" button (see last two screen shots on your wiki page). User might mix things up and accidentally close the survey. Can we think of a different naming like "close uploader window" or "continue survey"?

2. Another question: What happens if the user input an invalid string when entering the allowed file extension like "png; gif" instead of "png, gif"? Didn't we talk about offering a list of the most common file types so the user can check a box?


Allowed file types
a) images
[ ] png   [ ] jpg   [ ] gif ... other (please separate entries by comma (",") [______] (text box)

b) documents
[ ] pdf    [ ] doc    [ ] xls   ... other (please separate entries by comma (",") [______] (text box)

c) ...

I think this would prevent erroneous user entries and make the GUI much more user friendly.



Am 25.09.2010 23:42, schrieb Amit Shanker:


I've posted a couple screenshots of the much awaited "File Upload Question Type" feature for LimeSurvey 1 on the LimeSurvey wiki: http://docs.limesurvey.org/tiki-index.php?page=File+Upload+Question+Type+Documentation

It displays the survey admin as well as user interface for the File Upload Question Type. This feature will be coming live with the version 1.91 and hopefully we should have the beta out in a couple weeks.

Thank you,

Amit Shanker
Web: http://www.texens.in

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