Hi Connor,

sorry for the late answer, I just came back from holiday.

Thanks for your introduction, all this looks very promising. Since Limesurvey uses the cakePHP framework it is very important to get used to it. Best is to check the cakephp website and look through the examples. There are also lots of tutorials in the web. Knowing about cakePHP is a core requirement to be able to code the logic of the template editor.

It's also useful to take a look at the template editor in Limesurvey 1.87 to get an idea of how it currently works and what has to be improved. Feel free to send  some interface design example to our mailing list to impress me and other team members, just let your ideas flow.

Best regards,

Am 22.03.2010 22:40, schrieb Connor Montgomery:
Hello Marcel,

I wanted to e-mail you for two purposes: First, to introduce myself. 

I'm Connor Montgomery (obviously)! I'm an incredibly enthusiastic Computer Science/MIS student at Saint Louis University. I've been a freelance web designer/developer for the past three years, and feel like the experiences I've gained from that would make me a great candidate for this job.

Secondly, I wanted to express my interest in the idea you are willing to mentor for this summer's GSoC - the Template Editor. 

I have used jQuery for just over two years now, and am very familiar with it. I feel like I'm incredibly experienced in CSS, and have very good PHP skills (although I've never worked with CakePHP). Feel free to check out my personal site: www.connormontgomery.com. With that being said, I definitely put an emphasis on not only a fully functional web site/app, but a beautiful one.

So, with that being said, I look forward to speaking with you more as the application process comes closer. I'll be in contact with you over email (my preferred method) and IRC. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,
Connor Montgomery