Hi Mikhail,

welcome on board! I just wrote a mail to this list with some more information and links. If there are any questions juts join us at our IRC.

Best regards,
(Limesurvey head of support)

Am 25.03.2010 22:53, schrieb Михаил Иванов:
Hello Limesurvey Community,
my name is Mikhail Ivanov. I'm from Russia and I'm a Masters student in Computer Science and Mathematics at State Kursk University. I have some good experience in coding web sites, developing structure of pages and making Data Bases on MySQL. Last six month I've learnt CakePHP and PHP as a programming language. So, I'm rather good at these. Besides I gained knowledge in Joomla!, which helped me to understand some base principles of Open Sourse Projects in general.
When I began to make a web site about my faculty, I needed web application to create different surveys to make this site better. I've learned about LimeServey and began to use. And I liked it! When I saw LimeServey in the list of participating organizations, I decided to choose your company. At the ideas page I found some, in which I got interested: "Theme/Template Editor" and "Survey Community Project". I know, that I should suggest my own thoughts about ideas, but I have some questions about it, especially about "Survey Community Project", and I want to get more information if it's possible.
I've subscribed to limesurvey-developer mailing list and check the news in The Community. I hope, that my application will be pretty good to start working with you.
Thanks, Mikhail Ivanov.
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