Great work, Dan! Looking forward to the new Builder JS code and the Results API - hope to build on top of it soon ;).


2009/6/7 Daniel , Dao Quang Minh <>
Hi all,

I have been working on the restructure of Builder Javascript since last week. Following is my progress:

- Completed:
  • Builder JS : Structure is mostly completed and further changes can be made during next week when I create sample survey to work on result API.
  • Structure for recording sections, questions and model answers are mostly done with the new Builder javascript. There may be bugs though but I think it would be ready to start working on results API next week and further polish the structure along the way if needed.
- Plan for next week:
  • Start working on the result API. A proposal for result table will be posted next Monday
  • Further working on the Builder page. There are still some noticeable bugs when creating questions.
-Some current issues:
  • Currently when added new questions, I noticed that the question container's are not using unique id. They are actually reusing the same id and CSS are applied to those id directly which could cause some problems in the future. The duplicated ids were fixed in qtsingleselect question but they arent being render correctly because of the CSS problems as described above.
    This was not fixed in my latest commit but its not a blocker bugs anyway. Changes will be made during next week.
Daniel, Dao Quang Minh.

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