Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Nneka and I am a Graduate with a First class BSc(Hons) in Computer science from Middlesex university In United kingdom and currently interning at World Health Organization Geneva.

Since commencing  my  studies, I have made myself very familar with the programming languages and I have been successful in developing a fast food auto system using C#.NET libary  "WPF 4.0" to develop interfaces which will allow customers to order food from the menu, calculate the total, quality and discount, make cash payment and print out the receipt by automatically detecting a printer which is connected to the system. I have also developed software for florist boutique shop using VB.NET which works similarly like my C# program. Moreover, I have worked on other software apps including a simple Java program using Net bean to program a Bank account for users to withdraw, transfer and deposit money into their current or savings account. .

Being an  intern in World health organization (WHO) in Geneva has enable me to  provide my assistance in the area of Information technology by creating reports and surveys (using advanced excel,Word and datacol) for the global WHO presence in countries. I have played an immerse contribution as part of the team in my department in coming up with a fast and reliable method to retrieve data information for creating new brief templates for the World Health Assembly 2014.
Furthermore, I contributed to the creation of the HWOs table spreadsheets which is a part of the ongoing WHO presence report for 2014.I am also familiar with working with current web technologies tools such as HTML,PHP/sql server and C sharp to develop websites and software application .In addition, I am an activities coordinator for current interns and in charge of organizing and coordinating all social events for intern at WHO.
I would like in the limesurvery project so I can  learn and gain more valuable experience in programming.I love programming and challenging task and I am very interested in working and contributing in the coding aspect of the limesurvey  project.

Thank you and looking forward in hearing from you soon

Kind regards
Nneka Edozien