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Lime 1.1


Lime 1.1 is now out. It adds features on 1.0 including group to group engagement/disengagement. Enjoy!

Posted by Amy Murphy 2003-11-13

Announcing Lime

Announcing the release of a middleware for physical and logical mobility.

Lime (Linda in a Mobile Environment)


- Lime supports logical mobility of agents in both wired and wireless

- Lime supports physical mobility of hosts.

- Lime employs a sophisticated coordination model that

-- hides all communication activities
-- makes connectivity management totally transparent
-- supports both location-aware and location-transparent
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Posted by Amy Murphy 2001-08-20

Latest release: 1.05

A new release is out, that accommodates a change in mucode. To run it, you NEED the latest mucode.jar (1.02).

Posted by Gian Pietro Picco 2001-08-03