#60 "Point-and-Click" and "Follow Caret" not working on Windows

Frank I.

Hi all,
I am new to jEdit and LilyPondTool and downloaded the following versions and installed in the below order on my Windows XP 32bit machine:
1) LilyPond 2.13.21
2) jEdit 4.3.2
3) LilyPondTool via jEdit Plugin Manager
4) LilyPondTool "lily4jedit-2.12.892.zip"

I am using the latest Adobe Reader 9 and the LilyPondTool settings are pointing there correctly.

If I now open a *.ly file and run Lilypond on it and open the PDF preview, I get the score shown correctly and I also get the "hand" cursor when overing over the individual objects, but if I click, NOTHING happens.
However, if I RIGHT-click, then I can select the "edit in place" and this shows the correct source line and I can edit. But why does then the click not go to the correct place in my main window?

Also the "Follow caret" does not work... - I expect some mark in the PDF showing the current position in the source code, but nothing shows...

Thanks for any help.