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Don't Get Scammed!

It has come to my attention that people are trying to profit from our hard work. If you come across a registry cleaner or optimizer that is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 and is being sold, do not pay for it and get your money back! You can get the exact same product for free and not have to worry about your personal information. These people are simply renaming my program and using a loophole in the GNU GPLv3 that allows the program to be sold. I am not sure how many programs are out there but I know there is one called "SysBooster". If you discover a program that is trying to scam you, then please contact me so I can look into it further.

Posted by Nick 2010-03-09

Sorry for the delay...

I am sorry about the bugs that were in the other release. It is now fixed and ready to be used! Enjoy version 0.2 :D

Posted by Nick 2009-05-21