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[9917f9] by Peter Peter

LillyTab 6

- inverse roles (requires double blocking)
- functional and inverse functional roles
- interface: prevent direct add of terms to nodes instead of using addUnfoldedDescription()
- performance: avoid superfluous unfold tests when TBox was not modified

2012-10-29 20:17:02 Tree
[1fffda] by Peter Peter

- rename the LinkMap to the RABox (role assertion box)
- implement the link maps as separate classes (derived from AspectMultiMap)
- this gets rid of most internal collection listeners
- Thing and Nothing are gone as individual terms.
They are not special IDLClassReferences that need
to be provided by the factory.
- implement SimpleStringDLTermFactory that recognizes "_Thing_"
and "_Nothing_" respectively
- implement OWLAPIDLTermFactory that does the right thing
for OWLAPI's Thing and Nothing implementations
- remove the exception throw clash detection mechanism
and replace it by a function-return based method.
- The same change also introduces dependency directed backtracking.
- This is done by tracking clashing term sets within branches. (this
also puts the dependency map to proper use)

- introduce Flat3Set as a proper set variant of the
commons collection Flat3Map
- introduce ChainIterator and ChainIterable
(mainly inspired from Python's itertools and commons collections' ChainedIterator)
- add FrozenSingletonSet as a frozen version of Collections.singleton()
- fix the semantics for CopyOnWrite collections.
The previous version did not ensure the independences of clone
and original COW collection.
- CopyOnWriteMultiMapKeySet now supports remove() via iterator.
The other COW collections still don't.

As usual:
- more javadocs in a few locations

2012-10-24 21:12:18 Tree
[fc1170] by Peter Peter

LillyTab 5

- role hierachy support
This makes LillyTab officially support the description logic SOHF(D)
- update the OWLAPI loader to properly load role hierachies.
- introduce some more test cases, mostly to test role hierachy support
- restructure package layout to be more consistent between interface and implementation and now contain related classes
- introduce ILinkMap (and its implementation ILinkMap) replacing
direct access to successor and predecessor lists within a node
- move even more listeners to ABox level, one again reducing memory footprint
- do not clone listeners any more
- change governing term tracing (gov terms are perhaps not generally useful, anyway)
- properly clone the dependency map
- update and fix the immutable versions

2012-10-04 14:28:35 Tree
[79f8c6] by peter

- lillytab mercurial

2012-07-13 19:10:01 Tree