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Now supports multithread tecnology

i'm glad to announce LikeGrep now suppots many threads (as many, as you want).

It gives you a chance to use all your CPU, wich are currently available in your personal PC.

For example, this version is 4 times faster, then previous version 2.9x

Posted by NIkon DSL 2009-05-13

How to use

There are two ways to use this tool.

First, you can use it instead of standart UNIX grep as well (but it much faster, then grep)

Second, you can simple get the right Regular Expression without using read/parse file, tool shows you the Regular Expression, that it has built

For example
1)>java LikeGrep -search (FATAL|ERROR) -f log.log
2)>java LikeGrep -search * -TDS 02:04:56 -TDE 03:01:01... read more

Posted by NIkon DSL 2007-01-11

Initial version was released!

Version is tested and can be use anyway you like

Posted by NIkon DSL 2007-01-10