Today sees a new unstable version which introduces a new preference to set 
the default viewing mode (email, wide or 2pane), adds Google Chrome as 
supported browser preference and brings an overhaul of the search folder 
implementation to fix counting and rebuilding issues.

If you want to help please test the search folder counting and report any problems!

The Changes 

* Added new preference for default viewing mode.
* Changing toolbar button order to prevent accidental clicks on
  "Mark All Read" when clicking on more frequent buttons like
  "Next Unread".
* Added Google Chrome as a browser choice to preferences.
* Roughly reordered browser choices after browser market share.
* Removed shading behaviour for unread items in combined view 
  as it doesn't match GTK theming well
* Removed auto-hide Javascript menu from combined view to simplify
  rendering in 3-pane modes.
* Fixes items not removed from search folder count when feed is removed.
* Fixes search folder rebuilding (do not include comment items).
* Fixes SELECT offset handling when rebuilding search folders.
* Now gives feedback when rebuilding search folders in feed list.

* Update of German translation