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#1038 Liferea Pulls Continuous Updates from TT-RSS

Lars Windolf
Networking (27)
Nathan Acks

When setting up a TT-RSS source, Liferea pulls continuous updates, downloading all of the feed data and then immediately downloading the data again. This cycle will continue until Liferea is closed, causing high load on the TT-RSS instance, and will immediately resume when Liferea is restarted. While this issue causes no noticable problems in Liferea's UI, if running TT-RSS on a small server it can cause enough server-side load to interfere with other webapps.

I see this behavior with both Liferea 1.8.7 and 1.8.10, both using TT-RSS 1.6.0 as a back end. However, this post from the liferea-devel mailing list seems to indicate that the issue has been present since at least Liferea 1.8.0 and TT-RSS 1.5.7:

A lightly sanitized log produced using liferea --debug-all is attached.


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  • Nathan Acks
    Nathan Acks

  • Walter Bell
    Walter Bell

    I'm seeing the same issue in 1.8. Here's a patch to fix the issue-- from looking at other sources, the ttrss source doesn't enforce an update interval.

  • mossroy

    I also face the same issue.
    My tt-rss 1.7.5 instance is installed on a sheevaplug server (1.2 GHz ARM single core)
    If I start Liferea, the server's CPU reaches 100% and does not go below until Liferea is shut down.

  • I am also seeing this under 1.10-rc1. The patch doesn't apply cleanly so here's a new one that seems to work.

    As well as this, I am seeing a massive memory leak when using tt-rss under both 1.8.12 and 1.10-rc1. At one point, it was using over 2GB. I'm not sure if it's related but I will monitor the RAM usage now that this patch has been applied. However, I suspect the problem will simply take much much longer to appear now that it's no longer checking continuously.

  • mase76

    The patch did not solve it for me.

  • James' patch works well for me, although it seems he forgot to include a #define of TTRSS_SOURCE_UPDATE_INTERVAL. Here's a git format-patch formatted patch against git commit 845cbdfd63512b5b2afa0b7551f3ee8981479695 with the define included.

    This code might need a more thorough review, but I'm hoping a working fix for this rather serious bug can be added soon.

  • Actually that line is already present in the 1.10-rc1 tarball but it was removed in commit 868e8187bde1a12f915e70b4f706f6adbcffdc54 because it is apparently useless!

  • James, aha!

  • mase76

    I patched against the Debian Package of 1.10rc1.
    It seems to work, but the update message in the status
    bar does not disappear every time. But I did not see
    related traffic with wireshark.

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