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#1016 "Save link as" on a large file freezes liferea for long time

Lars Windolf
Performance (9)

I don't know if it is a problem with Liferea or with Webkit, but if I right-click on a link to a large file and choose "Save link as":
- the file chooser dialogue opens and then freezes for a very long time with 100% CPU usage. I guess this might somehow be a GTK problem, but I haven't experienced it with anything other than Liferea.
- then after I tell it where to save the file, it freezes while the file downloads.

It would be good to eliminate the freezing in both steps. In the second step this would mean downloading the file in the background, so that liferea can be used for reading feeds while the file is being downloaded.


  • Lars Windolf
    Lars Windolf

    • assigned_to: nobody --> llando
    • status: open --> closed
  • Lars Windolf
    Lars Windolf

    This is a limitation of Liferea not having a real download manager. There are no plans to implement one. I still consider "Save Link As" as a useful feature for small downloads.

    I do not consider this a non-functional bug in the "simple feedreader" scope of the project.