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LifeLines / News: Recent posts

New lifelines FAQ page

Thanks to Larry Hamilton, lifelines now has a FAQ page.

Posted by elsapo 2005-11-20

lifelines internationalized

LifeLines is a genealogy program to help with your family history research. Its primarily strengths are its powerful scripting language and the ability easily import and export information in the GEDCOM format. Recent copies of lifelines now include Danish, French, German, and Swedish message catalogs.

Posted by Perry 2003-01-17

Linux RPMs available -- includes documentation and reports

Binary and source RPMs for Linux/i386 are now available.
They include all the documentation and report scripts.

Posted by Marc Nozell 2000-07-22

lifelines-3.0.5 released

A new release of LifeLines is now available. It is
primarily a bugfix release.

Posted by Marc Nozell 2000-06-06

Report scripts available!

Download the lifelines-reports-0.0.2.tar.gz and try them out.

Posted by Marc Nozell 2000-06-06

Reports are almost ready

I'm in the process of checking into CVS all the
existing lifelines reports.

CVS is new to me, so pardon the mess...


Posted by Marc Nozell 2000-05-06

SGML version of manual now available

Thanks to Rafal Prinke, the LifeLines manual
has been converted to SGML.

It has just been checked into CVS in lifelines/docs/lifelines.sgml.

Posted by Marc Nozell 2000-04-01