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Lied version 0.2.2

Lied (a Lilypond Editor) version 0.2.2 has been released. Improvements of Lilypond menus organization, some Lilypond definitions added, Windows version available.
To see Lied 0.2.2 documentation click on:

Posted by Luigi Negretti Lanner 2008-09-23

Lied news


* Fixed bug that causes crash of Lied clicking on "title" item
* A complex of function to load and save menu configuration was added (for more information see the help file) .
* Definitions for vertical distance of trills and otava brackets was added as default definition.
* A synthetic help about principal functions was inserted.
* Some default items about pagination and statements was simplify... read more

Posted by Luigi Negretti Lanner 2007-12-23