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Kieran Greer

Build lightweight networks of service-based components (SOA or Cloud). Programmable framework with many features - add/run services, add/search metadata, autonomous, self-organising and distributed/remote communication. Web services parser and dynamic invocation also included. Java J2SE or J2ME CDC compatible.

Sub-packages include text processing, heuristic evaluation or query processes. Additional problem solver uses this and provides genetic algorithms or a new matching framework, for optimisation through heuristic search. The server can be run by itself, or all programs can be run through the All-in-One GUI.

Some basic services also provided - messenger, file download, etc.

Screenshot thumbnail
Network graphic
Screenshot thumbnail
Server graphic
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Example Instant Messenger App
Screenshot thumbnail
Query panel with configurable linking
Screenshot thumbnail
HTTP request to web server
Screenshot thumbnail
Scientific panel running autonomous behaviours

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