Andrew Ziem alonso laurent

libwps is a Microsoft Works DOS/Windows's file format import filter based on top of the librevenge (which is already used in three word processors). Currently, libwps can import all word processing Microsoft Works formats since about 1995 with some success and some spreadsheet Microsoft Works.


( see https://sourceforge.net/p/libwps/wiki/Developers/)

Recognized formats:

  • Word Processing v1-v2000: retrieve almost all content (except some pictures and some DOS's character encoding),
  • Word Processing v5-8: retrieve almost all content,
  • Spreadsheet v1-v2000: may retrieve cell's content with cell's format (only git's version)
  • Database v1-v2000: may retrieve the main database's content but not the filters, frames, reports, ... (only git's version)

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