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#8 'make rpm' blows expected chunks


[bishop@fishy bishop]$ tar xzf x11vnc-0.6.1.tar.gz
[bishop@fishy bishop]$ cd x11vnc-0.6.1
[bishop@fishy x11vnc-0.6.1]$ ./configure > /dev/null
[bishop@fishy x11vnc-0.6.1]$ make -s rpm #sigh
mkdir -p -- x11vnc-0.6.1/rfb
make: *** No rule to make target `libvncserver.spec',
needed by `rpm'. Stop.


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    this bug has been fixed in CVS as of 200406072106 MEST
    (remember that anonymous CVS on sf.net needs a little time).
    To make it work, check out the CVS sources of LibVNCServer
    and run the script "prepare_x11vnc_dist.sh". You get a nice
    x11vnc-0.6.2pre.tar.gz package.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> dscho
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Bishop

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    1. quite a bit more painful and involved than 'rpm -ta

    2. pre/post/a/b/rc3 suffixes cause inordinate amounts of
    pain and require almost as much workaround as this
    rpm-from-makefiles mistake. You may want to consider
    release vs 0.6.2-0.pre4 or the epoch hell you may
    have bought into.

    I'll check out the cvs build when it drops. Thanks.

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    Yes, it is quite painful:

    tar xzvf x11vnc-0.6.2pre.tar.gz
    cd x11vnc-0.6.2pre
    make rpm

    you really have to type a whole book to get that. BTW: if
    the CVS checkout is also too painful:
    http://libvncserver.sf.net/x11vnc-0.6.2pre.tar.gz. And no,
    you cannot simply type "rpm -ta http://...".

    If you don't like the "make rpm" approach, you are very
    welcome to maintain the .spec files (I will not). In this
    case, don't forget the dependencies!

    As for the epoch hell: x11vnc, like LibVNCServer is
    officially still beta. Also, as x11vnc is a program, not a
    library, there is nothing I can see like a "hell". You have
    a certain version of x11vnc, and that's that.

    The "pre" "releases" are only preliminary versions meant to
    be tested by people complaining about a certain feature like
    you did. There will never be an official "pre" release: the
    very meaning of "preliminary" means that the package may
    change at any time, while the version doesn't. If you should
    find such a "release" in the download section on sf.net,
    please yell at me.