libusb-win32 v1.2.2.0 released

Travis has pushed the release version. You can
download the release here.

As always, we recommend you to use the latest version.
If you encounter any problems or need support, please
report to the mailing list. Thanks.

LibUsb-Win32 Change Log

V1.2.2.0 (10/02/2010)

  • Added install-filter-win.exe. A gui installer for device filters.

  • Added new libusb0.dll function usb_install_np_rundll(). This function
    is designed for rundll32.exe and takes the same parameters as

  • Updated install-filter.exe. This application has several new features.
    Type "install-filter --help" for more details.

  • Updated libusb-win32-devel-filter package. This package is once again
    available for download as a setup.exe.

  • Updated libusb-win32 "bin" package format. inf-wizard.exe has been moved
    up one directory.

  • Updated driver_installer_template.iss example. This is an Inno Setup
    Script showing how to create your own setup.exe for installing your
    application and driver.

  • Fixed missing byte order marker in inf-wizard.exe .inf files. (libwdi)

  • Fixed auto-configuration issue when there is more than one driver in the

  • Fixed BSOD when using the filter driver with devices that are auto
    suspended by other drivers in the stack.

  • Fixed BSOD for devices with endpoints that have '0' for wMaxPacketSize.

  • Fixed BSOD when cancelling large transfers on high speed devices.

Posted by Xiaofan Chen 2010-10-03