libusb-win32 snapshot release 20100505

Travis Robinson has pushed the new snapshot release 20100505, Please go to libusb-win32 project page at Sourceforge to download this release.

Major changes:
1. Travis is now the lead developer for libusb-win32 project.
2. License is updated to LGPL V3 (library) and GPL V3 (driver,
installer, test program).
3. Fixed bug 2658937 (Filter driver should not be power policy owner).
This should make the filter safer to use under XP/Vista/Win7.
4. If running as a device driver, default configuration will be set.
If running as a filter driver, no configuration will be set.
5. Drop support for Windows 98SE and Windows ME. Win2k
will the minimum required OS version.
6. Bump up the version ( to facilitate Microsoft WHQL submission.
7. Change the build system to Microsoft WDK.
8. For more detailed changes, please refer to the subversion
repository changelog.

We have done reasonable tests under different operating systems
for both the filter driver mode and the device driver mode. We are
reasonably sure that the new filter driver would not cause BSODs
or make the USB subsystem malfunction. Nevertheless, this is
a snapshot release and quite possibly there are still bugs so that
you still need to carry out due diligence especially with the filter driver.

Early adopters are welcome to test this new snapshot release and
send success/failure reports through the support channels.

The support facilities are described here.

Mailing list is the preferred support channel. Bug report, patches and
feature request are also welcome through the tacker system. The
forum and support requests at SourceForge will be closed in the future.

Posted by Xiaofan Chen 2010-05-06