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#8 Vista 64bit Support


Please support 64bit Vista.
The driver compiles, but won't run without a certificate!


  • Since you will need to sign your device files (this includes .sys driver, possibly .dll, .cat catalog file and .inf file ++) that is specific to your hardware device anyway it does not make much sense for libusb-win32 to include a set of certified drivers.

    If you first have a signed driver for Vista 64 bit, you cannot e.g. change the USB VID, PID or interface number to use in the .inf device file without doing a re-certification. It would only make sense to distribute signed drivers for users who can modify the firmware of their hardware and replicate (for use internally during development) the VID / PID / Interface in the pre-certified driver.

    You will need to do a Windows driver certification in the end for your hardware in the end, anyways. I don't think your request will be approved.

  • I believe you don't have to sign the .inf file, so a generic driver can b used as long as you don't have to edit the sourcecode.

    Take for example a look at the NVidia Graphics drivers.
    They don't release drivers for Notebooks as frequently as the regular ones and didn't release them at all until recently.
    So people were using modified inf files to install them, and they work fine.

    Windows tells you this is not a certified driver while installing, but it works.

    libusb doesn't work at all.

    There is no need to certify the driver at MS or anything. You just have to add a signature with a certificate from a trusted authority (e.g. thawte).

    It would be usefull for many open-source projects or people that cannot afford a certificate.

  • Jan Verduyn
    Jan Verduyn

    Could we get libusb digitally signed urgently so this popular driver can be used both with Vista and Windows 7 including the 64 bit versions.
    Many folks are crying out for this now many laptops are shipped with Windows Home premium 64 bits version.

    I understand that provided there are no technical issues with the driver, a digital certificate costs b etween $400 - $600.
    I am prepared to make a contribution towards this cost.

    Jan Verduyn www.SDR-kits.net

  • There are two types of signing, one to allow the driver to run at Win 84bit at all, and one to allow it to be installed without a unsigned driver warning!
    To allow a driver to run at all, the inf doesn't need to be signed!

  • Xiaofan Chen
    Xiaofan Chen

    From version, the driver is signed and works under 64bit Windows which requires KMCS (kernel mode code signing). This means that it now works under 64bit Windows Vista and Windows 7.