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libtld 1.4.6

Finally upgrading the libtld for two reasons: many changes to get that library in Ubuntu as a native package. You can download those directly from our Snap! C++ PPA on Launchpad. (By installing the PPA, you can just do an "apt-get upgrade" to get the newest version!)

Also, this version includes many of the new TLDs offered by INA. Although so far I've not found a website that uses them, it is going to become more and more prominent, quickly. (i.e. imagine a "" and "" websites...)... read more

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2014-05-05 Labels: libtld upgrade

libtld 1.4.1

This version is a quick update as some new TLDs have been added in the last few months.

The only country additions were from .cw, all the others were company specific sub-domains. This works against the newest list defined by Mozilla.


Posted by Alexis Wilke 2013-08-24 Labels: patch new TLDs TLD library

libtld 1.3.0

Many updates in 1.3.0. Three important things:

1) I updated the definitions so we're up to date as of Jan 2013;

2) I added a C++ class to make it really easy to use libtld in a C++ application;

3) I added a PHP extension so one can use libtld directly in PHP with check_tld() and check_uri() as the two functions one can use to access the library features.

There is now a ChangeLog file so one can read it to read about all the latest changes.

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2013-02-18 Labels: Upgrade PHP C++