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New libswt-support release available

A new release of libswt-support is now available which should compile properly even with recent installations of gtk/gnome. (This release fixes bug 939694.)

Posted by McKenzie Keith 2004-07-05

An Example project is now available.

An example project, libswt-gtk2-example, is now available for download. This minimal example shows how to use the autotools to automatically detect libswt-gtk2 and set the appropriate compile and link flags for gcj.

Posted by McKenzie Keith 2004-02-16

New release of libswt

There is a new release of libswt available. Download libswt-gtk2 version 0.1.0 and libswt-gtk-support version 0.2 and try it out today!

In this version, the install issue has been resolved so that no hand-copying should be necessary.

Posted by McKenzie Keith 2003-08-24

libswt-gtk2-bundle ready

A version of libswt with gtk 2 bindings is available. I have packaged up all the source along with the standard configure script so you can just do a ./configure make make install combo.

Let me know if you want to test it and I'll put it somewhere where you can get it.


Posted by McKenzie Keith 2003-01-30

swt buildkit tested against eclipse 2.02

The libswt buildkit has been tested and works with SWT from the latest eclipse release, 2.02. Why not download it and give it a try today!

Posted by McKenzie Keith 2002-11-21