Tony Asleson Gris Ge

Currently, we only provide compiled RPMs for libStorageMgmt.

The library is packaged into separated RPMs:

  • libstoragemgmt -- Daemon, CLI util and basic files.

  • libstoragemgmt-python -- Python client libraries.

  • libstoragemgmt-XXX-plugin -- Plugins for certain type of array.

  • libstoragemgmt-devel -- Development files for C language.

The lsmd daemon is required to be started before using libStorageMgmt.

8.1 Stable Release

  • Fedora >= 17 and RHEL6/Centos6 (with EPEL repo), libStorageMgmt has been approved in their repo, this command will install libStorageMgmt:

    yum search libstoragemgmt
    yum install libstoragemgmt-<desired package>
  • If you are on a RPM based distribution that isn't supported, please use these commands to compile the RPMs by yourself:

    tar -xzf libstoragemgmt-<version>.tar.gz 
    cd libstoragemgmt-<version>
    ./configure && make rpm

8.2 Weekly Snapshot Build


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