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  • Links to storage appliance API documentation [ArrayDocLinks]
  • Plug-in writing documentation [WritingPlugins]
  • Debugging plugins [DebugPlugins]
  • [Architecture]
  • [Terminology]
  • [Testing]
  • Using the array simulator [storagesim]
  • Source code documentation
  • Source code

    • Code is stored in git, additional information can be found here
    • Code can be retrieved with the following:

      git clone git:// libstoragemgmt-code
    • Code can be browsed with your web browser here

    • When submitting patches please use

      git format-patch -<number of commits to create patches>
    • If you would like to build from source out of git please follow these steps

      git clone git:// libstoragemgmt-code
      cd libstoragemgmt-code && ./ && ./configure && make
    • To run the library (without installation) for development follow [RunningDevel]

    • Before submitting patches please do a 'make distcheck' to run the unit test cases. They should run without errors
    • Source code formatting style is 'pep8' for python and a mixed kernel style for C. Try to make it look close to what exists, but don't stress about it. For python you can run the pep8 tool.
    • SMI-S Plugin development notes[HowDoWeUseSMIS]


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Wiki: ArrayDocLinks
Wiki: DebugPlugins
Wiki: HowDoWeUseSMIS
Wiki: RunningDevel
Wiki: Terminology
Wiki: Testing
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