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Serial Port Programming in C++ / News: Recent posts

Libserial 0.6.0 to be released on Nov. 3, 2008

A new version of libserial (0.6.0) with significant improvements and new features is to be released on Nov. 3, 2008. Sorry for the delay; please come back on Nov. 3 to download the new version.

Posted by Crayzee Wulf 2008-10-31

Libserial migrated to Subversion.

The libserial source code has been migrated from the SourceForge CVS repository to their Subversion repository. Read-only access is still available to the CVS repository. However, please use the SVN repository for the latest code.

Posted by Crayzee Wulf 2008-06-01

libserial-0.5.2 available.

Version 0.5.2 of LibSerial is now available for download. This version is also available as an RPM for FC5. FC6 RPMs will be provided in the next release.

Posted by Crayzee Wulf 2007-01-25

LibSerial home page updated.

The LibSerial home page has been moved to mediawiki. Tutorial(s), class documentation, and user guide to be added soon.

Posted by Crayzee Wulf 2005-09-30

libserial-0.3 released

libserial-0.3 does not need STLport anymore. However, gcc-3.2 or higher is required for STL support.

Posted by Manish P. Pagey 2002-11-08

First alpha release available

This is an initial release to get the code "out there" it seems to work correctly on Linux so far. Needs lot more documentation and some example programs for sure. Hopefully a minicom-like example will be available soon.

Posted by Manish P. Pagey 2000-08-17