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06-actions.tests    23 lines (18 with data), 590 Bytes

# libseccomp regression test automation data
# Copyright IBM Corp. 2012
# Author: Corey Bryant <coreyb@linux.vnet.ibm.com>

test type: bpf-sim

# Testname	Arch	Syscall	Arg0		Arg1		Arg2	Arg3	Arg4	Arg5	Result
06-actions	all	read	4		0x856B008	80	N	N	N	ALLOW
06-actions	all	write	1		0x856B008	N	N	N	N	ERRNO(1)
06-actions	all	close	4		N		N	N	N	N	TRAP
06-actions	all	open	0x856B008	4		N	N	N	N	TRACE(1234)
06-actions	x86	0-2	N		N		N	N	N	N	KILL
06-actions	x86	7-350	N		N		N	N	N	N	KILL
06-actions	x86_64	4-350	N		N		N	N	N	N	KILL

test type: bpf-sim-fuzz

# Testname	StressCount
06-actions	150