0.1.2 released - OptionsBox now implemented!

librox-perl 0.1.2 was released this evening; ROX::OptionsBox is now implemented!

OptionsBox is still in its infancy; I have yet to test most of the widgets, both for displaying and updating options. However, the dialog creates itself and displays nicely, and most, but not all, entry widgets at least display. The textentry widgets (<Entry>) work at this time for updating. I have opted for notebook tabs instead of ROX-Lib2's more complicated ScrollWindow/TreeView combination as it is (1) easier to implement, and (2) fairly user friendly as-is.

The easy way to create an OptionsBox is to call $rox->setup_app_options early in your script, then have a signal handler call $rox->edit_options. Make sure to create an XML file in your application directory to use for creating the OptionsBox; see the OptionsBox POD (or HTML help file if compiling using the AppRun script) for more details.

Road map highlights for the near future:
* Testing and implementation of the various OptionsBox widgets, followed by a new release.
* ROX::Process testing, so applications and applets can spawn processes; this will also be followed by a release.
* ROX::Loader and ROX::Save/ROX::Save::* testing and implementation, followed by a release.

After those items are met, a release candidate will be created, along with at least one sample application utilizing as much functionality as possible, possibly a mail checker. I hope to finish much of this in the next week as I will be starting a new job at that time; development will likely slow after that point.

Posted by Matthew Weier O'Phinney 2003-08-13