#72 tcpdump can write DLT_NULL with wrong-endian header

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Adam M.

This bug report may be a little too broad, but it is
certainly reproducable.

I have Pcap savefiles (containing only IPv4+TCP
packets) captured on the loopback device (DLT_NULL) of
an old big-endian Mac laptop. These savefiles are now
on my little-endian Linux 2.6.9 workstation.

I needed to chop off the first 1000 packets, so I used
tcpdump with -c, -r, and -w to do so.

The trouble is, capture filters absolutely don't work
(i.e., everything gets filtered out) on the "chopped"
Pcap file using tcpdump. Even a filter as
unrestrictive as "ip" produces no results. Capture
filters work fine on the original file.

Without any capture filter, 'tcpdump -vvv' shows
exactly the same output on the first 1000 packets in
the original file and the "chopped" file.

Strangely, capture filters *do* work on the chopped
file using tethereal.

I have been troubleshooting this for a while, and one
interesting thing I found is that if I convert the
original Pcap file with 'tethereal' (again with -c, -
r, -w), capture filters (using tcpdump) will also fail
on the generated file, but filtering with tethereal

I even went so far as writing my own pcap-based
application to "chop" a given number of packets and
write to a savefile; capture filters (using tcpdump)
don't work on that either, but filters using tethereal
again works fine.

Also, I wrote my own pcap application for applying a
capture filter to a savefile and print out some debug
information about what packets actually pass the
filter. The application processes the original
savefile fine, but (like tcpdump) filters out all
packets on the "chopped" file with a filter as simple
as "ip".

Since chopping with either tcpdump, tethereal, or my
own pcap application leads to capture filter problems,
it seemed appropriate to file the bug against libpcap.

I'm not sure if the core of the problem lies in the
difference in endianness between the "capture machine"
and my Linux workstation, or if it's something to do
with DLT_NULL.

It would probably be helpful to post the original Pcap
file online, but it was captured on a colleague's home
network so I'll need to get his permission to do so. I
was hoping that the above description might be enough
to get started.



  • Adam M.
    Adam M.

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    It's also probably worth noting that I also downloaded the
    latest tcpdump/libpcap and experienced the exact same

    Also, the Linux machine is running Fedora Core 3, if it

  • Adam M.
    Adam M.

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    Here's another piece to the puzzle. I hacked together a
    little tool to convert a DLT_NULL Pcap file to DLT_EN10MB
    with faked addresses in the Ethernet header.

    I used this tool to process the "chopped" Pcap file that
    was giving me problems. Amazingly, once I wrote out the
    chopped Pcap file in DLT_EN10MB format, capture filters
    worked fine!

    Thanks again,

  • Adam M.
    Adam M.

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  • Adam M.
    Adam M.

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    Mystery solved!

    So here's what's happening. The original machine is a big-
    endian Mac capturing packets on the loopback interface
    (DLT_NULL). The link-layer header is a 4-byte field in host
    byte order (in this case, big-endian).

    Now, I copy the captured file to my little-endian Linux
    box. I use 'tcpdump -c 1000 -r orig.pcap -w chop.pcap' to
    copy the first 1000 packets from the original Pcap file to
    the chopped Pcap file.

    However, since this machine is little-endian, the Pcap
    headers (in particular the magic number) are written in
    little-endian order. Unfortunately, tcpdump is not 'smart
    enough' to re-order the 4-byte protocol family field in the
    BSD loopback header.

    Later, when I run my capture filters on the chopped file,
    nothing passes because 'tcpdump' thinks the endianness of
    the capture machine is the same as the current machine
    (since the magic number is written in the expected order).
    Therefore, it assumes the protocol family value is in
    little-endian, which does *not* represent PF_INET, and
    therefore the capture filter "ip" won't match.

    I tested my theory by manually editing the chopped Pcap
    file with a hex editor and re-ordering the protocol family
    of the first packet myself. Sure enough, that packet (and
    only that packet) matched the "ip" capture filter.

    Oddly, the tcpdump "dissector" seems to be smart enough to
    display the packet as IP, but the filtering mechanism is
    not. However, 'tethereal' seems to have hacked in some code
    (which I haven't found yet) to detect this anomalous byte
    ordering when filtering.

    My question now is whether or not it's within the scope of
    tcpdump's intended feature-set to be smart enough to re-
    order the protocol family byte ordering when necessary.

    Thanks again,

  • Adam M.
    Adam M.

    • summary: Capture filters fail --> Capture filters fail with DLT_NULL
  • Guy Harris
    Guy Harris

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    The problem is that the libpcap filtering code assumes that the endianness of
    the file header matches the endianness of the packet type field in DLT_NULL
    captures. That's true if the file is written on the machine on which the
    capture was done, but if tcpdump reads a file of the opposite endianness
    from the native byte order and writes out a new file, the endianness of the file
    header will be that of the machine running tcpdump and the endianness of
    the packet type will be that of the machine that originally wrote the capture.

    The BPF compiler assumes that, if it's generating filter code for DLT_NULL, the
    endianness of the header matches the endianness of the file header. If that's
    not the case, the generated code won't work.

    The right fix might be to have libpcap force the link-layer type header to be
    in host byte order when reading a capture file, and have the BPF compiler
    always generate code for the host byte order, whatever that might be.

  • Guy Harris
    Guy Harris

    • summary: Capture filters fail with DLT_NULL --> tcpdump can write DLT_NULL with wrong-endian header
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    Denis Ovsienko

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  • Denis Ovsienko
    Denis Ovsienko

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