Hi.  I'm looking around for some existing Paxos implementation for a project that I'm working on, and I thought I would try libpaxos2.  The snapshot that I grabbed was from https://github.com/tnm/libpaxos2.  Hopefully this is the right thing to be starting with.

In building the code, I noticed that lib/proposer_leader.c isn't in the Makefile.  When I tried to compile it that failed: the beginning of the errors was that p_inst_info isn't defined (it's in proposer.c).  So it looks like nobody builds this.  I had assumed that this file implements the proposer leader service/oracle mentioned in the README file.  But I haven't really dug through the code yet to try to understand it.

Anyhow, please advise:  should I ignore/delete this file, or is it a work in progress that I should consider completing if I want the functionality?  Or is there a different repository that I should have cloned?

Thanks in advance,
Jay Finger