Papyrus 0.7.1 Released

  • This release incorporates several patches from Mjumbe Wawatu
    Ukweli and Peter Miller that (among other things) fixed a bug
    in the lower_to_bottom() method and made the method more
    efficient as well as extending the Papyrus::Image class
    allowing it to use cairo image surfaces directly.

    Additionally, the autoconf checks for the cairo version have
    been replaced with cairo's own macros. This should fix many
    of the problems people have have with both Ubuntu and Gentoo.

    2007-03-10 Rick L Vinyard Jr <>
      ===== 0.7.1 =====

      Applied a patch from Peter Miller to clean up whitespace

      Removed autoconf checks for cairo version and use cairo's own
      macros directly.

    2007-02-26 Rick L Vinyard Jr <>
      .pc files: Added support for static linkage and fixed link specification with patch from Mjumbe Wawatu Ukweli

        Fixed bug that checked iterator against beginning instead of end
        Changed end item check to return true when the item is already at the bottom
        Thanks to Mjumbe Wawatu Ukweli for catching the first and suggesting the improvement for the second.

    2007-02-24 Rick L Vinyard Jr <>
      Papyrus::Image: Applied patch from Peter Miller to create and set images from cairo image surfaces.

      Papyrus::Group: Fixed bug in lower_to_bottom() with patch provided by Mjumbe Wawatu Ukweli