T+h,i*s Tues-day i*t+s CY-TV!!!
G+e_t on C_Y+T V Firs+t Thi.ng on T+UE,SDAY, i.t''_s g_oing to expload,!
Co*mpa_ny: CHIN_A YOU TV C+O R-P ('O T C BB:CY+TV.OB*)
Symbo.l: C,Y.T_V
Curre+nt P.rice: $-0'._4-6
M onday Mov+e: (*U-p Over_(12.,20%)
T-h e p-rice is at a m_inimum it w,i_l_l b_o*o+m on Tuesday.!
Recommen-dation+: "STRONG,--BUY" star,t+ing on Tue_sd_ay, AUGUS-T 1.4., 2-0'0 6,.
Br_'eaking N-e'w*s_:
Chin-a Y ouTV's C*nBoo W.e.b S.i*t,e Rank+s N'o,.,1 on Micros-of,t L-i.v.e Se*arch E_ngine
Aggre s.ive T raders
G_e*t in ear_ly, t'h+i's o.n'e c.a n f-l+i+p h.i-g,h return's f+a_s_t*.
It check_s group-s of netw*ork s*ervers period*-ically a n*d t,akes a p're-def ined act'ion if a devi-ce d o-e-s n*o't r*espond.
T h.e+n t.h_e I, id f_e'l.l th_rough my a r m s in a h e a*p,.
T+h+e co'n.tents of t'h.i.s hid,den a,r'e a ca_nnot be deliv_*ered, exc-ept to an authen t_icated d_evice.
Be+fore t'h e w*a*r Lore.nt*z's activ,iti.es in t,h'e ca-use of inter'+national rel_atio ns w,e_r+e c+.onfined to pr_e.siding at c*_ongresses of physi+cis,ts.
Aga-in, t.h*i.s digita'l si,gn'ature l.i.k_e t_h*e h*a.s,h functi.o+n h+a's b.e e+n desig.n,ed so t'h_a't it is diffi_+cult to f-i_n*d o_u*t h+o_w to ge_nera*te a co'rrect sign*at'ure by look_ing at enoug_h ex-amp_les.