Libofx 0.9.6 released

2013-03-30, LibOFX 0.9.6:

    - Extend buffer for TRANSACTION_NAME to 96 bytes due to UTF-8
    multibyte characters.

    - Patch by Geert Janssens to fix typo in info message

    - Patch by Geert Janssens to allow lines longer than 1024

    - Fix treatment of empty date strings: Must return a zero date
    instead of a bogus one.

    - Replace unlink() with remove() to fix compile problems with
    gcc 4.7

    - Make configure fail if gengetopt is missing and generated
    files are not present (as is the case when we checkout from

    - Fix garbled character encoding for UTF-8 encoded OFX 2.0
    (XML) files.  Sadly, because of a bug in OpenSP with xml
    decoding this currently means that iso-8859-1 OFX-2.0 files
    will still not be properly decoded.
Posted by Christian Stimming 2013-03-30