Roadmap for the coming months

Hello everyone. I've been quite busy with the GnuCash 1.8 release. I am still very busy with real life, but I plan to turn more of my attention back to LibOfx for the next few months. So here is an idea of the roadmap of what is comming.

First there will be a 0.6.3 maintenance release in the next few weeks, with big endian machine support and library version output for ofxdump, so that configure script's can require a specefic libofx. This is already in CVS, it just need a little testing and packaging.

Then, there will be MAJOR API changes, to allow the following features (in planned order of implementation):

1-Proper callback function registration and an optionnal query interface, when the callback model isn't appropriate.
2-Libofx export support and API. This will allow aplications supporting LibOFX to export their data in a variety of formats, with a single interface. The first format supported will be QIF, stealing code from ofx2qif. OFX and CSV support is also planned.
3-Convert the gnucash ofx module to use the new interface and support export functions (basic features: accounts, transactions and commodity). This will allow testing of the export architecture.
4-Direct connect suport (bi-directionnal communication with a bank's OFX server). This will be a lot of work, and I will need help, since my bank does not support direct connect, so I will not be able to test it easily.

Posted by Benoit Grégoire 2003-02-18