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Read Me



Since libmwaw was based on libwpd code (for convenience), you need to install
libwpd in order to build libmwaw. You can get libwpd from:

- libwpd <http://libwpd.sourceforge.net/download.html>


Installation on Unix/Linux/Darwin should be simple.
Simply execute the following sequence of commands:

aclocal ; autoconf; automake
./configure ; make ; su -c 'make install'

Extensive installation instructions can be found in the INSTALL file.

Windows ( NOT WORKING : help needed... )
Beta tester needed to test the compilation and report problems

Windows - Microsoft(tm) Visual Studio/C++

A workspace for MSVC6 can be found in the ./build/win32/ directory.
This workspace contains a projects file to compile a release version or 
a debug version of libmwaw. 

NOTE: Using the MSVC build system will result in a static library only. 
No dll can be created yet using this build system. If you want to create 
a dll, please use the MingW build system (see below for details).

Windows - MinGW

First of all, in order to use libwpd in your application, you do not need
to build it yourself. If you have access to a binary distribution, you
are encouraged to use it. If for whatever reason you still want to build
libwpd using MinGW, read following instructions.

* Build environment and dependencies

In order to build libwpd, you have to have installed MinGW distribution from
http://www.mingw.org. Because the build system of libmwaw uses autotools, you
must install also the MSys packages. It is advisable to install all recent
packages into a path that does not contain spaces. Besides the MinGW
distribution, you have to install the _runtime_ and _development_ packages of
libmwaw dependency libwpd from libwpd.sourceforge.net/download.html. The packages
you need are libwpd-{version}-MinGW.zip and libwpd-devel-{version}-MinGW.zip

* Build procedure

1. Unpack the source code by running:

  gunzip -dc libmwaw-{version}.tar.gz | tar xpf

You can also use WinZip or any other GUI compression tool.

2. Next, run:

  export ACLOCAL_FLAGS='-I <pkg-config installation prefix>/share/aclocal'; \

Some versions of libtool have bug that prevents MinGW from creating shared
libraries. The autogen.sh script "libtoolizes" the package using the libtool
included with MinGW distribution. Like that you are sure that your libtool is
able to create DLLs.
The ACLOCAL_FLAGS variable is there in order to allow the auto* scripts to find
the pkg.m4 macro that is part of the pkg-config distribution. If this macro is
not found, the generated configure script will be ending with an error.

3. Time to configure libmwaw; run:

  ./configure [--prefix=<target>] [--enable-static] [--disable-shared] [--with-sharedptr=boost|c++11|tr1]

By default, the configure script uses as prefix "/usr/local" and configures to
create only shared libraries. Myself, I build using following options:
"./configure --with-sharedptr=tr1"

4. Nearly done. Make sure you have a clean build by running:
  make clean all

5. And last but not least, compile and install libwpd by running:

  make install [-i]

If you configure using "--enable-static --disable-shared" (pure static library
creation), the libtool import libraries are not created. Make will try to install
them and will stop with error. The "-i" option makes it to report the error, but
not to stop. Like that the installation will succeed.

That's all folks! While no mailing exists, for more information, ask
questions directly to osnola@users.sourceforge.net. Remember that Uncle Google can
also be of big help especially when the problem is not with libmwaw, but with one of its