#570 ptp.h Additions

GIT version
Simeon Pilgrim

For the Nikon extension device property codes section of ptp.h
For the D5100:
0xD132 is HDR Smoothing, the in camera values are: 1 - High, 2 - Normal, 3 - Low
0xD131is HDR HighDynamic, the in camera values are: 0 - Auto, 1 1EV, 2 2EV, 3 EV
0xD130 is HDR Mode, the in camera values are: 0 - Off, 1 - On


  • Simeon Pilgrim
    Simeon Pilgrim

    0xD066 is Auto Off Timers, with in camera values: 0 - short, 1 - normal, 2 - long, 3 - custom

  • please work in the sf.net/projects/gphoto/ project ... we do cameras there. ;)

    I will merge your findings.

  • So does the ptp.h file from this project belong here or there?

    Also there are a number of Nikon ID's that have comments with question marks in them, does this imply a questioning of the true nature of they ID, as some a off by a little and others are bang on.

  • the camera related parts belong to gphoto2, but overall we do sharing of ptp.h and ptp.c between libmtp and libgphoto2



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