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libmng 0.9.0 (first BETA) released

Friday june 30th 2000:

The first BETA sees the light. libmng 0.9.0 is now available. It's the latest & greatest. Full JNG support & very extensive MNG support. Already part of a browser-plugin for Win32 platforms, integrated in the Mozilla CVS tree, and soon in the Qt GUI development toolkit.

MNG is kicking some GIF-butt. And libmng is the tool to do it with. It has been reported to work on 64-bit platforms, Linux, Solaris, MacOS & Windows. ANSI-C compatible and simple to integrate. Some implementers had it up and running in a day or two!

Optionally requires zlib1.1.3, jpgsrc6b & lcms1.0.6. For detailed info check out http://www.libmng.com

With regards,

Gerard Juyn.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2000-06-30