Dear Libmesh developers,

In order to avoid the multiple definition of `METIS_PartGraphKway' between the internal library and the petsc library, I use the option "-with-metis=PETSc". Then I got another errors:

undefined reference to `gk_mcorePush'
undefined reference to `libmetis__isum'
undefined reference to `libmetis__isum'

It seem the metis version that petsc using is not included gklib (in a Cray computer).

The results from command "nm /opt/cray/tpsl/1.2.01/GNU/46/x86_64/lib/libmetis_gnu.a | grep GK" is contain only:

How can I fix it? Or can I also have something as "-with-parmetis=PETSc"? to use the parmetis that already installed with PETSC.

Thank you very much,
/ Ming Q.