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No distcc!  I have a dual hexa-core hyperthreaded (12 "real" cores, 24 "logical") workstation with three solid state drives in RAID0.  make -j24 is optimal (I've done the studies!).  On my workstation, make install does not take that long ;-).

That's a nice system. :) If you've got a few of those boxes on a network, you should try distcc. Roy got it up and running here and with 5 3.3 GHz Hex core boxes, the libmesh build is down to less than 2 mins (gcc!) with make -j 50. :)
 On our supercomputers with network filesystems that's not the case.

This is very true. I won't name names, but one of the supercomputing systems we use, I just run the libmesh build script and walk away for the night and come back in the morning. Between the filesystem and the asshats that are inevitably running on the login nodes, it takes for freaking ever to do a full build. Obviously, we don't do development there.