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"by default, does nothing to maintain backward compatibility" should
read "by default does nothing, to maintain backward compatibility".
Sentences which reverse meaning based on comma placement are always

I wouldn't call the thread_join stuff "sys_qoi" in the code or "system
qoi" in the comment; technically that ought to only be called to
combine two thread local QoIs and never to update System::qoi

Derp, I wrote the comment before finishing the code and forgot to update the comment. Thanks.

Patch with these changes committed in r6056.
The return at the end of QoIContributions::join is redundant.

Forgot to do this before the previous commit. r6057.

In hindsight we shouldn't have left Vikram out-of-the-loop on this,
but that design discussion would have taken hours if moved to mailing lists instead of face to face, and he did like the final result.
Perhaps in the future we point a webcam at the office blackboard; we
could put a semi-regular libMesh podcast on YouTube?  ;-)

Ha! Internet fame awaits us... 

Thanks for the comments!