RC1 passed all of our tests in MOOSE.  


On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 4:54 PM, Roy Stogner <> wrote:

Release candidate 1 of libMesh version 0.9.1 is now available:

Testing before we make a 0.9.1 final release would be appreciated.
Please report any problems to or at

Apologies to all for the 200% increase in tarball size.  libMesh now
includes more and much larger 3rd party packages in the contrib/
directory.  If there's any demand, I may put together "libmesh-lite"
and "libmesh-everything" versions of our tarballs for the final 0.9.1
release, to provide a smaller option for users who either already have
local copies of or don't want to use all the optional I/O packages.

Changes in 0.9.1 include:

   * Multi-communicator-capable objects
     * Communicator-using ParallelObject subclasses can be initialized
       with arbitrary MPI communicators, independent of the
       communicator used to init libMesh or the communicators used by
       other non-interacting objects
     * No internal library code still uses CommWorld communicators
     * CommWorld and global Parallel:: methods can be disabled via
       configure --disable-default-comm-world, breaking backwards
       compatibility, to facilitate compile-time checking of
       libMesh-based codes for compatibility with multi-communicator
       * These methods will be disabled by default in future versions,
         but configure --enable-default-comm-world will work for the
         next few releases
   * Additional specializations for Parallel:: communication methods
   * New SolutionTransfer infrastructure, implementations, examples
   * Singleton framework added
   * Complex-valued libMesh builds can new read real-valued restarts
   * Interface to and contrib copy of Eigen linear algebra package
   * Interface to and contrib copy of newer Nemesis/ExodusII/NetCDF
   * build Tecplot binary I/O library from source,
     * old behavior can be restored via --disable-tecio
     * --enable-tecplot
   * Assorted bugfixes:
     * UnsteadySolver is now more robust inside AMR loops
     * Preconditioner setup is more robust with AMR
     * Fixes in Trilinos and SLEPc package interfaces
     * Fix for multithreaded QoI derivative assembly
     * Fixes for compiler and 3rd party library compatibility
   * Clarifications, updates to API documentation

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