On Mar 30, 2010, at 12:09 PM, Roy Stogner wrote:

Yeah, and I'm starting to wonder if I did it right.  While I was
preparing this patch I think I noticed a bug that would kill the
convergence rates for hp refinement on C0 elements in 2D/3D - a
situation in which I never did get exponential convergence.

No point in attempting a fix now, though, since I won't have time to
test it.  The app code I'm working on now is LAGRANGE-only and so for
us is p-refinement-incompatible; and without that I've got no excuse
to spend as much time as it would take to get hp working well by
myself.  I'd try and conscript Vikram, but he's got a tough enough
problem with h refinement alone on some of these non-conforming QoIs.
I don't even know if Taylor-Hood elements are LBB-stable under
adaptive hp refinement.

Just for catloguing the problem... can you give a small description?  Maybe someone else can fix it...